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Mama Bird, Brittany

  Born and raised in Massena, NY, a little town in northern NY just south of the Canadian border, I never thought my life would be as amazing as it is.  I graduated from Massena High School in 1999 with plans of becoming an engineer, which rapidly changed during my first C++ class in college.  At the end of my first year and with some deep thought and meeting my future husband, I decided what I wanted most out of life was to be a mom.  I finished college with a degree in Mathematics and soon married and started a family.  

  Fast forward a few years where I found myself looking for things to do to keep me busy while raising my 2 children.  You know trying to stay sane with 2 toddlers running around and when you find yourself knowing more about Dora the Explorer than the real world.  This lead to trying my hand at many different crafts.  Things I could do at home or with other moms.  I tried crocheting and making purses, dresses and all things girly.  At this time the thing I loved to do most was make cakes.  But the cake business is a hard business, you work long hours and get paid very little.  I continued to make cakes for a bit and gained a bunch of weight because you have to sample everything, right!!

  When more and more of my friends were becoming stay at home moms as well, they found themselves in the same boat.  Looking for ways to feel like we were contributing and staying sane amongst a sea of little people.  A group of us ladies who were the best of friends decided that with all of these "new" talents we were all developing that Christmas between us would be homemade.  Each of us received a gift from another, we had gifts from handmade wreaths to bookmarks.  But the gift that stood out was a tiny little 1 egg nest, the gift that was the inspiration for 2 friends to start an amazing adventure together.   2 Mama Bird Jewelry was started that December and has grown to offer so much more than just that first little 1 egg nest necklace.  I am beyond proud of this business and look forward to continuing to offer this community new products and a beautiful store to visit during your next trip up north.

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